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Empower Yourself Against Cancer with Plant-Based Nutrition

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Empowering those affected by cancer to conquer fears, take back control, and fully support their body before, during, and after treatment.

Control the Controllables™ 

Empower Yourself Against Cancer with Plant-Based Nutrition

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I'm in/starting current cancer treatment.

I'm a metastatic thriver.

I'm focused on cancer survivorship.

I'm interested in lowering my cancer risk.

Empowering those affected by cancer to conquer fears, take back control, and fully support their body before, during, and after treatment.

Reduce Overwhelm & Fear

Gain knowledge that empowers
you to conquer the fear of knowing what to eat (and limit) in a cancer fighting dietary pattern.

Nourish & Fuel Your Body

Learn how to optimize your nutrition to best fuel and support your body before, during, or after cancer treatment. 

The Support You Need & Deserve

Harness the transformative power of support and understanding from those who've walked a similar path along with a board certified cancer dietitian and cancer thriver.

Seeking to Uncover Every Opportunity to Support Yourself after a Cancer Diagnosis?

You've asked your medical team "What else can I do?", but were left with little or no direction of how you can support your body during treatment and/or into survivorship. 

You're frustrated, overwhelmed, and confused with the conflicting information available regarding nutrition, lifestyle, and cancer.  

Although you know there are no guarantees, you're willing to do everything you can to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and leave no stone unturned.

Cancer sucks. And although you may have a supportive system around you, you don't have the support from others who've walked a similar path and "just get it." 

Cancer takes so much. But you want to reclaim some control.

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You can reclaim some control.

Learn the best, evidence-based strategies to support your body after a cancer diagnosis, reduce recurrence risk, and become empowered to truly thrive. 

I know first hand the cascade of emotions that come with a cancer diagnosis. Everything happens so quickly and you don't even have time to figure out - "What is happening?"

You're confused, frustrated, and scared. 

Although you weren't doing everything perfectly before cancer, you were a healthy person and made healthy choices. You might even recount everything leading up to the diagnosis wondering where you went wrong.


Unfortunately, most medical oncology teams don't have the comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle knowledge to support patients as they navigate their unique nutrition needs. Thus, leaving patients feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to proactively support their body through treatment and into survivorship. 

The thing is, there is evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle strategies that can help reduce treatment side effects, improve quality of life - and believe it or not, help you live your best, healthiest life after cancer. 

And although you may be used to being everything to everyone, you realize you can't do this alone. And trust me, you weren't meant to. 

It's time to stop frantically Googling all the things and garner the knowledge and support you need to support your body, mind, and spirit through one of the toughest journeys you've ever faced. 

The reality is - you didn't cause your cancer. But, you can control how you respond to it. 

It's time to thrive.

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With a decade of oncology nutrition experience, I've helped hundreds of cancer patients combat cancer treatment side effects, gain energy, reduce food fear, and become empowered to take back control against cancer. 

Following my own cancer diagnosis and into surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and endocrine therapy - I've been constantly asked, "How did you do it? How did you thrive through it all?"  

Oh, there were certainly struggles and hardships. And still are. Cancer treatment and survivorship are no walk in the park. But, using the evidence-based strategies, fostering an outlook on life that thrives on challenges, and an incredible cancer community that surrounded me - I was able to learn to adapt, overcome obstacles, and take back control.

Today, I use these same strategies to empower individuals after a cancer diagnosis to do the same. 

I truly believe that nutrition is a powerful tool to complement traditional cancer therapies - and research agrees too! Seeing my clients empowered with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to live happier, healthier lives fuels my incredible passion in the fight against cancer. 

Meet Your Cancer Dietitian, Alison

Hey there! I'm Alison - a board certified oncology dietitian and cancer thriver. I empower fellow survivors to take back control, reduce their risk of recurrence, and thrive using plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

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Courses & Programs

The Wholesome Journey: 

Group Program

Our online curriculum paired with community support and accountability from other like-minded students traveling a similar journey. Curated specifically for the survivorship journey or the individual looking to reduce their cancer risk.

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The Wholesome Journey: 

Mentorship Program

In addition to our online curriculum and group programing, our mentorship provides one-on-one support for your journey. Curated for the individual currently going through cancer treatment, or the survivor specifically looking for 1:1 support. 

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Empowerment starts with what you can control - nutrition, lifestyle and mindset.

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Courses & Programs

What They’re About

Plant-Based (or, Plant-Forward) as a Powerful Approach

The evidence-based benefits of plant-based nutrition as an approach to reduce the risk of cancer and its recurrence. 

Whether you're just getting started in plant-based nutrition, or have been plant-based for some time. And no - there is no requirement to become vegetarian or vegan! 

A Healthy Relationship with Food

We'll help you ditch food fear in exchange for clarity, guide you through the powerful principles of intuitive eating, and couple these concepts with a growth mindset to establish a foundation for a healthy relationship with food - where nourishment and joy meet. 

Community & Support

A community specifically cultivated where participants are supported by others who have the shared experience of cancer. Experience the transformative power of group support. 

To teach and empower you with the knowledge you need to implement an evidence-based, plant-based nutrition approach that supports and fuels your body after cancer. By integrating the strategies taught, you can begin to reclaim control and experience empowerment and ultimately true thriving after cancer.

Gain Clarity, a Healthier Relationship with Food, and Empowerment to Loosen Cancer's Grip

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What Others Are Saying

"The best I've felt in my adult life while also facing this stupid cancer."

"I immediately and dramatically changed my diet after listening to your advice...Seriously! Despite facing a terrifying diagnosis (invasive lobular and DCIS) I feel incredibly healthy and strong--especially after changing my diet. It's all a little surreal to feel the best I've felt in my adult life while also facing this stupid cancer."

- SK, Cancer Thriver

“With Alison, there was no pressure. She gave us recipes and ideas on what we could do that were realistic for us. I noticed I started feeling better, the chemo treatments weren’t as bad. Alison’s recipes and tools also gave my family and caregivers something they could help with to make me feel better. As a result, my whole family is eating better and we all feel healthier. For us, this has become a long-term lifestyle.”

Jim Luzinger, Stage 4 Colon Cancer

“I love Alison’s teaching style. She gives you the information, but also explains why it’s important and how to implement it. She explains things in a way that’s easy to understand. She does not make you feel bad at all if you have a slip-up. Whatever lifestyle you choose, she’s there to guide and help. After implementing the plant-based diet I definitely felt better. My joints felt better, more clarity, less brain fog, better energy. I truly believe the better you can feed your body, the better you can heal.”

Daina Boppre, Stage 4 Breast Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis 

“Alison is just wonderful. She doesn’t judge. She just offers you wonderful information and everything is evidence-based. She had reasons for everything she shared, she could show me why it was a good idea and how I could start doing it. I was 243 pounds when we started and now I weigh 156. Using food as medicine has helped me feel better, I can be more active, and I enjoy being active now. Whether you’re sick or not, this is just a good idea.”

Kathy Sneider, Metaplastic Breast Cancer

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What's your cancer nutrition IQ?

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