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If you are seeking a personable and knowledgeable guest expert to interview or guest speaker for an upcoming event, Alison Tierney, MS, RD, CD, CSO, founder of Wholesome LLC is a credible brand and known source for sharing evidence-based nutrition.

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Speaking engagements are given by Alison Tierney, MS, RD, CD, CSO on a variety of nutrition focused topics. Alison is known for teaching evidence-based nutrition in an easy to digest manner.

Podcast feature topics may be focused on, but not limited to, evidence-based nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and Alison’s personal health journey.

Social media promotion includes posts to Wholesome LLC’s social media channels showcasing your product or service using a trustworthy source - Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest. 

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A sponsored blog post includes a unique blog post written by Wholesome LLC to showcase your product or service in a genuine way using a trustworthy source. The blog post includes a feature in the weekly email to Wholesome’s subscriber list.

This collaboration is for Wholesome to write a unique guest blog post on a collaborating brand’s website. Topics may be focused on, but not limited to, evidence-based nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and Alison’s personal health journey.

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Press & Media Features

Book Feature: Your Body In Balance By Dr. Neal Barnard

Alison’s PCOS journey is featured in chapter 5 of Dr. Neal Barnard’s book - Your Body in Balance. Most importantly, this book is filled with tons of great information regarding hormones and nutrition!

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The Exam Room Podcast Feature: Why Dairy is Scary For Breast Cancer

Some studies show consuming dairy may increase the risk of developing breast cancer by 50% among women. Join Alison with the podcast host Chuck Carrol to learn more!

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Plant-Based Prevention of Disease Conference 2022 & 2023

The national nonprofit Plant-based Prevention Of Disease (P-POD) continuing education conferences are an evidence-based look at how plant-based eating patterns and allied lifestyle changes may reduce the risks of society’s major preventable diseases.

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The Exam Room Podcast Feature: The Best Diet for PCOS

Alison is one of the five million women living with PCOS in the United States. Listen as Alison shares her PCOS and infertility journey with Chuck Carrol and The Exam Room Podcast. 

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Blog: Expecting and Empowered

SO many women have questions about what to eat during pregnancy. We’ve all heard the old adage that you are “eating for two”, but what are the actual recommendations? Read Alison’s guest post to learn more.

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Presenter At: Stone Bank Farm Market

Located in Southeastern Wisconsin, we have regular nutrition seminars. Topics have included ‘Phytochemicals Against Heart Disease & Chronic Disease’, ‘Foods that Fight Against Cancer’, and ‘Preventing Alzheimer’s with the Power of Food’. 

Presented At: Living Beyond Breast Cancer Conference

We hosted three breakout sessions and presented ‘Eating a More Plant-Based Diet’. This event is great for any individual who was recently diagnosed with cancer, going through treatment, or simply looking for tools to stay in remission. The support each attendee provides to others was amazing to see! 

Presented At: Before The Bump: A Pre-conceptive Wellness Event

We were honored to share our infertility journeys and share evidence-based nutrition tips for those looking to start (or continue) growing their family. We did this through an on-stage presentation and four breakout sessions. 

Podcast Interviews & Features

Alison has been honored to be a guest on numerous well respected podcasts. 

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“I have always been impressed with Alison’s ability to educate our community members! She has the talent to articulate and engage the audience, along with humor. People really enjoy her personal stories along with her passion for nutrition. She definitely gets it! Believe me - not everyone has her ability!”

- Sally, Community Education Director at ProHealth Care

Alison Tierney is a registered dietitian board certified in oncology nutrition. Her passion for preventing, managing, and (in some cases) reversing chronic diseases with nutrition and a healthy lifestyle led her to create Wholesome LLC. 

Alison’s interest in nutrition started at a young age focused on sports performance as an athlete. But her interest shifted when many family members encountered cancer, autoimmune, and infertility diagnoses. Then, after working many years as an oncology dietitian, Alison faced her own cancer diagnosis which only brought a deeper passion and drive against cancer and chronic disease making the fight even more personal. 

After developing an oncology nutrition program at an academic cancer center, Alison was determined to spread the knowledge of nutrition beyond just the cancer center in her community. With Wholesome LLC, she set out to empower as many people as possible regarding the healing powers of food to complement traditional therapies against chronic disease.

Alison’s approach involves recommendations strongly rooted in scientific evidence. Focused on whole food plant-forward nutrition, Alison helps patients navigate their health journey after encountering a chronic illness such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, and infertility. Another pillar of Alison’s approach is focused on prevention to help others take health into their own hands. Taking whole person health into account, Alison’s motto for patients is simple - eat more plants. 

When Alison isn’t burying herself in nutrition research - afterall, she is a self-proclaimed “nutrition nerd” - you can find her in the kitchen, getting outside, on the spin bike, or spending time with her husband and two young daughters. 

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